About Humpback Hollow

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There are very few places that can be defined as home. When you are there, you just know it. Humpback Hollow is one of those places. It gives the feeling of comfort and care. Its warmth radiates even through the cold Winter months. The Spring is alive with new life, welcoming old friends back. The Summer invites the visitor to spend as much time as needed to take in the re-energizing spirit of gentle breezes, dense green canopies and flaming campfires. The Fall season is like a homespun tapestry with its spectacular array of colors. Humpback Hollow welcomes you home all year round.

At Humpback Hollow’s blog site I fill you in on our local happenings. My blog features Humpback Hollow and the area. It’s where I enjoy telling stories about the Blue Ridge Mountains, their history and some of the things they are best known for. You can get up-to-date event information, and recommendations as to which events are a must, and which events are total absolutes. You see, everything I tell you will make you want to come for a visit.

Linville, North Carolina is ground zero. I literally call this community of only 230 residents my home. It may sound backwater, but that’s exactly what I like sharing about the area. Yes, quiet could describe our community, but Linville is not devoid of modern amenities and plenty to do. Despite the size, we are mothered over by Avery County which is nearly 20,000 people strong – big enough. Yes, life is laid back and easy going. I can guarantee you it isn’t filled with the tensions and chaos of the everyday world most of our visitors live in.

If you are looking to get off the grid, spend some time in Nature and find your soul again, come visit Humpback Hollow and the Blue Ridge Mountains. Read my blog and let me know your thoughts. Have you ever been? Do you love to fish, hike, raft, golf, ski, go antiquing or sift through the foothills for the elusive gemstone? Follow me on Facebook, give me a Like and consider getting out of the rat race and spending time at Humpback Hollow. You will never be the same.