3 Blue Ridge Mountain Biking Trails


Every year the Ridge springs into life with complete strangers, and not just tourists. As suspected during ‘the season’ our community becomes the mecca for wide eyed nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts from every ilk.

Yesterday morning a party bus full of mountain bikers arrived from Waynesboro. They had gathered from all parts of the country to train on the trails in the area around Humpback Hollow. The terrain for mountain biking is perfect and more biking aficionados have discovered the advantages of staying east of Moab. Using the Hollow as ground zero, two dozen men and women piled out of the party bus and began to unload their gear. Raucous and ready to take on the day and the challenges of the Ridge.

The Blue Ridge Mountains in general offer a bit of everything for the recreational biker and those who take it more seriously. We have expert and bunny trails, rock outcroppings and languid meadows. Apparently there is a big push to promote our area as an ideal location for an annual rally. This means we have seen some of the best and most experienced riders come through over the last couple of years and the trails are getting more attention. For a rally some of the trails will receive cutting edge grooming, but the best are not tampered with at all. Here are just 3 Blue Ridge Mountain Biking Trails.

Cheshire Loop
This trail is optimal for the beginner and someone who wants to work on technique. Rugged, but not too challenging as to discourage a newbee, the Loop runs about 16 miles. The terrain is moderate and doesn’t have a lot of obstacles. For those ready to test their skills, there are short sections of slick-rock.

It is a super place to play without the pressure of taking on too much. In addition, Cheshire offers some of the best views in the area. Although it’s a must to concentrate, everyone has to stop once in awhile to take a breath and the magnificent views. It’s an excellent way to get acquainted with the sport and fall in love with our mountains.

Daddy Days Bluffs

Still considered a moderate ride, this trail offers more climbing and slick-rock. A rider with more skills than a beginner, but not considered an expert can take on this 9 mile challenge and live to tell about it. Starting with a progressive uphill climb, the terrain is smooth with few obstacles.

The ascent, while gradual makes up most of the ride and you will feel the burn. Once again the vistas are breathtaking and stopping at the top of one of the bluffs midway for lunch is heaven on earth. Getting the feeling back into your legs you are then ready for the rest of the climb and the reward of a lesser challenging descend.

As one the most challenging rides in the entire Blue Ridge chain it is not suggested unless you’ve been riding for a while and have considerable skills. Like going out into the ocean, a buddy system is used if not with a group or guide. For the hard-core enthusiast, this is the most sought after title to claim of any of the Blue Ridge trails.

Relatively new, it was first blazed in 2009 by a foursome from Utah who rode Moab on a regular basis. Technical and filled with obstacles, rock outcroppings with 8 to 12 foot vertical drops, sharp hairpin turns, streams and dense forest all make up the Strikebreaker. When attempting this ride there is no second guessing your abilities.

We get tourist in all shapes and sizes with all the reasons in the world to visit Humpback Hollow. We welcome anyone who appreciates our beautiful Mountains as much as we do. Spending time with us in some of nature’s finest country gives us the pleasure of sharing it.

Leave a comment below. Are you a mountain biker or a mountain biker wannabee? Either way I would love to hear from you.