Humpback Hollow Huckleberry Pie Contest


There’s something for everyone in Humpback Hollow. Sure, it may not be a long term landing place for most – and that’s the way we locals like it, but visitors tend to come back year after glorious year. We welcome them with open arms. To show our appreciation and hospitality the residents of Humpback and neighboring communities have conjured up a couple special events that highlight the area’s bounty and give our lowlander guests a chance to show off their personal best.

One of the favorites is the Humpback Hollow Huckleberry Pie Contest. Planned to coincide with the warm days in June and the natural harvest of the Huckleberry, the contest has a reputation that has spread far and wide. The word has gotten out mainly in part due to Charlie Henderson, an experienced painter by trade, but a consumer of good eats by choice. Charlie knows his way around the job site as a local professional painting company Niagara on the Lake Ontario but also knows what makes a solid fruit pie. His wife Ava, a chef herself, puts her baking skills to the test as she is primarily in charge of the pie making.

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3 Blue Ridge Mountain Biking Trails


Every year the Ridge springs into life with complete strangers, and not just tourists. As suspected during ‘the season’ our community becomes the mecca for wide eyed nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts from every ilk.

Yesterday morning a party bus full of mountain bikers arrived from Waynesboro. They had gathered from all parts of the country to train on the trails in the area around Humpback Hollow. The terrain for mountain biking is perfect and more biking aficionados have discovered the advantages of staying east of Moab. Using the Hollow as ground zero, two dozen men and women piled out of the party bus and began to unload their gear. Raucous and ready to take on the day and the challenges of the Ridge.

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Birding in the Blue Ridge Mountains


If you fancy yourself a Birder, one of the most prolific bird watching locations in all of North America is just about anywhere in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Spring brings out the best. Nest building, hatchlings chirping at 3am, and birds settling in for the season. They have come from all over the continent. Bring your best binoculars, maybe a camera, good shoes and a quiet voice to capture the hosts of the forest as they greet you with their color and song.

Whether you consider yourself a Twitcher, and have a list of birds that you want to check off, or you just love being in the woods with the little critters, it’s all here. It’s as if an entire shift occurs in the months of March through May as nature acts on kitchener moving companies behalf, bringing in new neighbors from far away lands to enjoy the inviting landscapes.

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Where Do I Go To Vacation?

Blue Ridge banner

The Blue Ridge Mountains are not to be forgotten. Sometimes folks from the other side of the Mississippi tend to overlook one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the country. Yes, I agree that there is plenty to keep you busy out west, but there is so much more than the Rocky Mountains, – like our Eastern version – The Blue Ridge Mountains.

Spring is in full bloom here at Humpback Hollow, and there’s even more to come before the summer months are in full swing. Like an emergency towing Fayetteville NC the spring showers are doing their part as the perennial tow trucks of new energy, hauling away the old to make room for new growth and nutrition that supports the blooms and lights up the trees.

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