Humpback Hollow Huckleberry Pie Contest


There’s something for everyone in Humpback Hollow. Sure, it may not be a long term landing place for most – and that’s the way we locals like it, but visitors tend to come back year after glorious year. We welcome them with open arms. To show our appreciation and hospitality the residents of Humpback and neighboring communities have conjured up a couple special events that highlight the area’s bounty and give our lowlander guests a chance to show off their personal best.

One of the favorites is the Humpback Hollow Huckleberry Pie Contest. Planned to coincide with the warm days in June and the natural harvest of the Huckleberry, the contest has a reputation that has spread far and wide. The word has gotten out mainly in part due to Charlie Henderson, an experienced painter by trade, but a consumer of good eats by choice. Charlie knows his way around the job site as a local professional painting company Niagara on the Lake Ontario but also knows what makes a solid fruit pie. His wife Ava, a chef herself, puts her baking skills to the test as she is primarily in charge of the pie making.

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